Celebrating September & peonies

September has arrived🍂🌸 When I woke up, my day was already off to a terrific start. The first is usually my favorite day of each month (excluding Thanksgiving Day in November due to all the yummy smells in the house and being surrounded by family while sharing what we are thankful for every year that night).  Anyways, the first day is always a fresh start. We get to rip the page and startover on the calendar. 📅 September is special because it means the transition into Fall is close. Finally. 🍂☕️☔️  All the holiday festivities are around the corner. September is known for new beginnings. This month: Try as many new things as possible, and go crazy with it! Yoga, cooking, photography, guitar, discover new music, paint your room! the whole 9 yards. For those of you moving away for school: meet lots of friends, be open minded, and try as much as you can! Don’t be scared. When October hits all the right things will stay and we could talk about October things in October💛 The first will always be a little celebration in my book🎉  So enjoy today & happy September!

Ps. It’s the best month for Peonies because they’re fitting for both Summer AND Autumn. Also they’re my absolute favorite flower but that’s besides the point. Here’s some peony inspo to celebrate today, and how cute is that peony inspired calendar artwork! #allpeoniedout💐

PPS. Quality Info: Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte returns September 8 🎃🍂☕️

Header Image From My Style Vita


💌with love from Jenni

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