Pop, Fizz, Clink! Hosting Dinner Gatherings🍴🍷

The Table Setup

↠ goal is to create both a useful & beautiful setting

↠ Have a “creative theme” in mind, have direction, and follow it. Will your setup be elegant? Rustic? Bright & fun? A certain color palette?

↠ use symmetry

↠ candles are a must (lights in general💡)

↠ Fill with flowers! 💐

↠ Individual Menus on plates

↠ details are everything

↠ Don’t forget, have fun with it!

Here’s a quick look book I put together for inspiration. Cheers!🍷

The Menus

↠ Goal is to present all the eats, drinks, and sweets of the night in a unique way!

↠ Presentation is everything!

↠ Details make everything that much better

↠ trending: Calligraphy/hand written menus (it’s tough, but it looks so good!✒️)

↠ Match the creative direction your going towards, always.

menu look book:

Elegant + yummy platters: 

↠ goal is to create visually pleasing and of course DELICIOUS mixed platters for guests to munch on.

↠ don’t be organized. Platters tend to look better when things are NOT perfectly straight🍐🍠🍇🍯🍷

↠ use little bowls for sauces/olive oils/olives… Etc.

↠ be a good host & refill when nessecary ☺️

↠ just get creative with this one!

platter look book

Dessert dessert & more dessert:

↠ goal is to… Satisfy every sweet tooth in the room!

↠  I am in looove with these pretty & yummy layer cakes. They are casual and not too over the top, but still look really nice (and look pretty nice to eat too 😋🍰)

↠ presentation is a must here too. Display the dessert proudly, it is definitely a favorite part of the night!

↠ you can display the names of the cake with calligraphy/handwritten ways to match your menus! ✒️

↠ think out of the box:  use flowers, greens, herbs, fruits, + more to decorate your cakes! Be CREATIVE 🌿💐🍂🌸🍐🍠🍋🌷

All Photos from Pinterest

Good luck creating magic at your next dinner gathering! It’s your canvas! Hope you enjoyed the Pop, Fizz, Clink! Hosting Dinner Gatherings Lookbook. 

💌with love from Jenni

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