November: the month of gratitude

Happy November everybody!  Changing leaves, snuggling up by the fire, sweater weather… it’s finally here!🍂❄️ There is so much I love about this month.  In celebration of Thanksgiving, we should all try to be conscious of all the wonderful things in life and fulfill yourself with gratefulness this month (and hopefully every month).  No matter what life throws at you, there is always something to be thankful for.  Here are some things that I’ve been feeling grateful for lately:

  • home (being away for school makes me appreciate it so much)
  • my planner (would be so scattered without it)
  • thoughtful handwritten cards
  • good folksy playlists
  • leaves changing colors🍁
  • not taking life too seriously🙆🏻
  • my view of the mountains every morning at sunrise🌄
  • meaningful conversations with someone your close to
  • spending more time outdoors🌲

These are just some things that i’ve found happiness in and am grateful for lately.  I think stopping to think about these little things is really wonderful! and everyone should do it💛  Finally, here’s some autumn inspo so we can all feel the fall in the air!

Header Image from Pinterest




With love from Jenni💌

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