Fall Beauty Inspiration | All About The Plums

Happy Fall!  It’s officially Fall and I couldn’t be more excited!  Out with the brights and in with the darks.  I think this Fall I will really be loving shades of plum!  Here is a little inspiration board of all Fall Beauty Essentials! There are a few products here that I want to highlight. The first two are Clinique’s Moisture Surge, and Lush’s Sympathy for the Skin.  These are both highly recommended moisturizers because Moisture Surge is lightweight but very moisturizing and Sympathy for the Skin is AMAZING.  Sympathy for the Skin is definitely thicker but your skin will thank you.   The next highlighted product is Bare Mineral’s “Warmth”.  This all over face color is pretty amazing!  Just the smallest amount can add the biggest dimension to your face and for Fall especially, I feel it’s the perfect color!  Overall, these are all really great products and perfect for Fall!  Until next time.

With love, Jenni

Header image by Mega Babe



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  1. Plum is the perfect Fall color! I love the collection of products you picked out!

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    1. Jennicocoa says:

      Thank you so much!!

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  2. Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

    i love wearing plum lipstick in the fall, only time i really wear it ! haha

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    1. Jennicocoa says:

      Same here! Love love love all plum toned makeup in the Fall, its so gorgeous!

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    2. Jennicocoa says:

      Do you have an instagram?!


      1. Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

        not right now 😦 idk if i should make one, i feel like i should since i do a lot of makeup looks. if i do i’ll make sure to let u know! 🙂

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      2. Jennicocoa says:

        Yes, let me know if you create one! You need to get on that girl! haha!

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