The Foundation Files

Have you ever found yourself walking into Sephora on a mission to finally take that leap of faith and try a new brand of foundation but ended up walking out with the same one…over and over again?  Maybe that’s never happened to you (you’re brave!)  but most of us have experienced that too often.  #relateable.  But today, I’m going to help you take that leap.  Once you branch out of your comfort zone and discover how amazing this foundation really is, you won’t regret it.

Of all the makeup products I’ve owned in my life, I have stayed with the same brand of foundation for literally 8 years.  Let me just say that one more time… eight years!  I’ve tried different foundations in between but nothing has ever compared to my one true foundation love… GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk.

It is absolutely phenomenal.  

  • The luminous silk foundation is lightweight and gives you a silky finish with a fresh Dewey glow.
  • This foundation is designed to look and feel like you aren’t wearing anything no matter how many layers you apply.
  • The coverage is about medium but it’s very buildable.
  • It comes in over 20 shades so I would recommend getting color matched by a professional.
  •  It can be applied with a small foundation brush, beauty blender, or simply with your hands.


It is so crucial to be using a quality foundation to keep your skin healthy and clear.  If you’re a Giorgio Armani lover comment below and let me know!  You can purchase the Luminous Silk Foundation for the same price at Sephora,  Giorgio Armani or Nordstrom.
With love from Jenni.


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