Alter your Mindset for Success

We’ve all heard the saying “mind over matter” and have thrown it around loosely.  When you actually start to implement this perspective into your every day, I guarantee you will see a difference in not only your own achievements but simply the world around you.  Your world will become wider, you will have more time in your day to check off tasks and your goals will become grander (but somehow feel more achievable).  There are three core ideas that you must acknowledge and become aware of to seriously alter your mindset and reach success.

Implement an Internal Locus of Control 

Do you believe that the outcomes of your life happen due to external factors or the direct actions of yourself?  Psychologists call this your locus of control which can either be external where you feel life outcomes are based on others around you + external factors, or internal in which you feel outcomes are a direct correlation of your actions. Research has found that those with an internal locus of control mindset perform better in school, deal with stress better, are able to actively find solutions, are more satisfied with their career and are more goal oriented.

We need to stop blaming other people or external factors for what happens in our lives.  This has really become an issue that I’ve seen, especially amongst my generation.  It drives me absolutely insane when I hear these things:

External: “I got a C in my class–because my professor was horrible.”

External:  “I didn’t turn in my assignment on time–because my friend told me it was due on the wrong date”.

External: “I don’t have any savings–because I don’t get paid enough.”

Having this mindset isn’t doing ANYTHING for you. Instead try:

Internal: I got a C in my class because in all honesty I didn’t put enough effort and time into studying for the exams.  Next semester I need to dedicate way more time to school.

Internal: I should’ve double checked on my own to see when the assignment was due.

Internal:  I didn’t save any of my money because I impulsively spent it on things I really didn’t need, but I’m going to create a spreadsheet to track my money and start saving 20% of every paycheck.

If you want to be successful, the first step is by adopting an internal locus of control.  If you want to get straight A’s, know that it’s your responsibility to understand the material and that nobody is obligated to helping you.   Want to eat healthier?  Know that you have full control of your food choices.  You need to understand that your outcomes are the result of your own actions ad decisions. If you want something, go get it. Nobody is going to make things happen–except yourself.

Let your Losses be Wins

In order to reach success, you will experience failures along the way– I assure you. It will not always be smooth sailing but the most important thing is to gain something from each and every setback.  Overtime, you will accumulate lessons learned and understand how to do something differently the next time.  I read an interesting article about the difference between extremely successful people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs and unsuccessful people.  It stated that one of the major similarities between these people is their ability to basically take their losses and see them as wins, learn how to adapt and move on quickly.  Do not dwell.  While others are dwelling on their mistakes, be someone who can analyze what happened, determine how to do things differently next time and move on.  How you handle your losses will determine your success.

Create Your Own Opportunity.  

There is scarcity thinking and then there is world-class thinking.  Many people have an outlook that they are just “trying to survive” or that “there is a scarcity of money or success” but successful people don’t think that way.  World-class thinking in which people see an abundance of opportunity and feel that success and money has no cap.  Two completely different mindsets right?  If you want to be successful, you need to adopt world-class thinking.  Once you do, you will start to see possibly where others see a dead end.

I hope this was insightful and inspiring.  Thanks for reading!

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